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Founded in 2013, Theme Junky is a mobile app design studio that designs and builds beautiful Android and iOS apps. We’re based in the lovely city of Bucharest, Romania, and we have a passion for design. We’re not for hire, but feel free to contact us.

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SMS Plus

Beautiful texting with SMS Plus!

Change up your default messaging app with something new and exciting: SMS Plus! This means more than just plain texting because it comes with hundreds of beautiful themes combined with useful options, all for a great user experience. Texting has never been so fun, easy, efficient and, most of all, visually appealing!


Over the years, our designers have done some impressive themes for smartphones or tablets, meaning there are more choices than ever before – literally hundreds of them are on Google Play! Customize your gadget with some of our top downloaded and best-looking apps! You’ll love it!
512 electric

Electric Keyboard

Electric Color Keyboard is a fun, free keyboard with emoji and emoticons for your device. Customize the keyboard with new animated themes, stickers as you wish.
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512 walker

Ice White Walker 3D

Winter is coming! seven kingdoms Walker Zombie 3D Launcher blue king of the north Walker dragon queen game theme is ready for your android phone.

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Keyboard Plus Emoji

Keyboard Plus Emoji is a versatile keyboard that you can customize according to your unique style by choosing from a great variety of themes and options. We have a built-in emoji and emoticon pack for easy texting!
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512 panda

Picnic Panda

Our Panda is bored of eating bamboo all day long. Help our cute Tao Tao Panda to eat delicious snacks like sushi, cupcakes and wasabi sauce. Switch and match them to find your way through this puzzle adventure.
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512 predator

Predator Animated Keyboard

Predator Animated Keyboard will make your plain keyboard look amazing . Now you can enjoy a new look and also a cool animation. Predator Animated Keyboard only works with Keyboard Plus.
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512 fire skull

Fire Skull Keyboard

Set your keyboard skin on fire with this amazing Fire Skull Keyboard Plus. We know that bright colors can boost your mood and that’s exactly why our designers have made for you this great Fire Skull Keyboard Plus theme.
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• We have over 100.000.000 app downloads so far and we’re constantly growing
• Have the option of being promoted inside the company
• Modern office close to all public transportation in District 3
• Relaxed atmosphere, young team, fun environment, see about us for more on that


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